Hallett Cove R-12 School

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Order Delivery:
All orders will be delivered to the school and distributed individually.  All orders must be placed before the campaign countdown timer ends!  Please refer to the campaign countdown timer on this page.  At the end of the campaign, online ordering will be closed off for processing.

Campaign 3:
Order before midnight:
  Sunday 24th March
Year 6 Polo delivery:
  22nd April 2019

Campaign 2:
Orders placed before midnight:
  Sunday 24th February
Year 6 Polo delivery:
  1st April 2019

Campaign 1:
Orders placed before midnight:
  Sunday, 10th February
Year 6 Polo delivery:  18th March 2019
Year 12 Jacket delivery:
  15th April 2019

How to Order:
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3. Check out by following the prompts
4. You can log back in at any time and view your past orders.

Online Payments:
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